are wealthy people happier ?

Instructions for completing the paper are as follows:
Title—(Any Yes/No “philosophical” question approved by professor.) For example, ‘Is gambling immoral?.

Section #1—one word…”yes” or “no” suffices. Simply say how you will answer the question. (For example. “YES…)

Section #2— What have others said who disagree with your position? Quote exactly three sources and be sure to state the reasons for their disagreement. (Exact format of footnotes is up to you, though it is imperative that you carefully cite all your sources.) Begin each paragraph with the phrase. “It seems that gambling is NOT immoral. For as Ms. X says.

Section #3— What have others said on behalf of your position. Again, document exactly three people who agree with you and state the reasons they do so. Begin with the phrase, “On the contrary, it seems that gambling IS immoral/. For as Dr. Y says, “…

Section #4—This is where you explain why you take the position you do. Be sure to back up your claims with evidence and avoid fallacies. It is recommended that you divide this section into three tightly focused and short paragraphs that provide three different arguments for the truth of your position. Remember, your position is not established by the bad reasoning of your opponents. Reserve all attacks for section #5. Begin this section saying, “I answer that gambling is immoral because…-

Section #5—Rebut each of the reasons given by your opponents in section #2.

Please follow this outline exactly. Do not add introductions or conclusions_ The assignment will be easier if you get straight to the point. Clarity and precision are of the utmost importance. Do not try to be fancy. The primary goal of the scholastic article is to (a) demonstrate comprehension of a philosophical position, and (b) express reasons for and against a views point. These brief essays are to be typed at I2-pitch in an academic font (e.g. Times New Roman_ Helvetica. etc.) and double-spaced, and should be between 4 and 6 pages in length.

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