argument essay about homeless people in san diego

6 pages essay. I have 2 articles and you need to find the 3rd article because we are required to have 3 articles total. And make sure the essay meet all the following requirements

Does the writer begin his essay in a catchy and interesting manner? Is it an anecdote? Could he or she do something to grab your attention more effectively?
Does the write provide clear background into the issue? If you had not seen the videos or read the articles, would you understand what is happening
Does the writer have a clear thesis that names the issue and at least 3 main points (causes, effects, or both)?
Does the writer have a clear topic sentence for each body paragraph? Is each body paragraph focused EITHER on ONE specific cause or ONE specific effect?
Does the writer provide a minimum of 2 examples (quotes or paraphrases) for each body paragraph? Are they specific?
Is each example cited properly in MLA style parenthetical citation? (author’s or presenter’s last name and a page number)
Is each example followed by a clear and sufficient explanation? Does the explanation connect to the topic? Explain the topic? Answer, “So What?”
Does the author restate his or her thesis in the conclusion? Is there a final thought?
Are there any major grammatical errors? Run-ons? Fragments? Capitalization?
Is the page formatted in MLA style as discussed in class? Is there a Works Cited page in the end that lists the two sources used?……

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