argument mapping and journal 2 two parts

Part 1- Argument Mapping:
Use full sentences for each part of the argument map. Example: Cigarettes contain a small trace of arsenic [source] + arsenic is harmful to the body[source]= cigarettes are harmful to the body because they contain small amounts of arsenic.The maps can be hand done, scanned, and submitted or completed as a computer generated document. Either way, make sure the map is readable and source and copyright is listed next to “fact” evidence. [Example: (CDC, 2017) or (Madison Journal, 2018)] Be careful if presenting dependent evidence to make sure it really is a dependent situation. This is the most frequent error in mapping. RUBRIC ATTACHEDUSE THE LINKS TO LEARN HOW TO CREATE ARGUMENT MAP:
Part 2- Research Journal 2:
For this week’s journal, discuss with yourself your thesis and argument, what evidence led you to form this opinion, what premises are you operating under, and why would people disagree with you? You are at the point in your research project where you are reviewing your evidence and how it fits into your argument. It is critical to review each piece within the argument with your thesis in mind. So what exactly is your thesis? What type of claim is it making? A value claim? Solution (policy) claim? Cause & Effect claim? Fact/definition claim? To be a claim means some rational people will disagree with you. What evidence supports your claims? Are there any assumed premises you are working under? What are the arguments opposing your claim? Identifying these is important to building a sound argument.USE THE ATTACHED DOCUMENTS, JOURNAL 1 and THESIS TO HELP WITH PART 2 RESEARCH ON GUN RIGHTS IN AMERICA. REMEMBER YOU SUPPORT GUN OWNERSHIP.

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