Argumentative academic essay

Assignment Brief
You are required to
write an argumentative academic essay of 1500 words (excluding
reference list) on the following statement: ‘Successful creativity,
innovation and design thinking activities within organizations are dependent on the work of individual employees only’. In your essay, identify and define
what is meant by creativity, innovation and design thinking, whether you agree,
do not agree or partially agree with the statement and why you
agree/disagree/partially disagree using relevant theory. You must also use
real-world corporate examples (e.g., examples from companies like Google, Tesla
etc) to justify your stance.
The purpose of this
Assignment is to develop students’ critical thinking skills and to test their
knowledge of relevant theory and course content.
What is an
argumentative academic essay?
An argumentative academic essay is a piece of
writing that examines and interprets a given ‘claim’ or ‘statement’ and defends
or refutes it with the use of theoretical and practical evidence. In such an
essay, you are essentially building up and presenting your own argument(s) on
the statement while using scholarly (i.e., journal articles, textbooks,
theories etc.) and practical evidence (e.g., corporate stories, news items
relating to companies etc) to support your arguments. Hence, you are not simply
describing or summarising what others have said about a given statement but
introducing and developing your own arguments on it. Your arguments must be
backed by evidence if they are to be valid. Please refer to the following link
for further information on argumentative academic essays: Link (Links to an external
Guidelines for
writing the argumentative academic essay
In writing your
argumentative academic essay, you may want to follow the following guidelines:
1. Read the given
statement carefully and understand what it means.
2. Use course
content learned in class as well as external research done using scholarly work
to further investigate the given statement. Remember to read critically on this
topic so that you are able to critically evaluate what others have said about
the topic and come to your own conclusions on the topic.
3. Based on the
research you have carried out, decide your ‘stance’ relating to this statement.
stance means whether you agree with it, disagree with it or partially agree
with it (you may agree with some aspects of the statement but disagree with
other aspects). It’s very important that the argumentative
academic essay clearly expresses the writer’s stance.
4. Write your
essay to include the arguments you want to set forth and use 3
– 5 scholarly work and practical examples (at least 2) to support your
Structure of the
argumentative academic essay:
argumentative academic essay must have the following components:
1. Introduction:
must include (a) the purpose of writing your essay (e.g., The purpose of
writing this essay is to critically evaluate and put forth arguments on whether
successful creativity, innovation and design thinking activities are only
dependent on the work of individual employees)

(b) the
stance taken by you (e.g., I agree with the given statement)

the scope of the essay – what theories will be used in your essay, what
real-world examples will be given in your essay

(d) the
structure of the essay – what will you explain in body paragraph 1, what will
you explain in body paragraph 2 etc.
2. Body
paragraphs: Your argumentative academic essay can include 2-3 body
paragraphs. You can give each paragraph a sub-heading if you wish.
In the body
paragraphs, you must provide scholarly definitions of what is creativity,
innovation and design is, what arguments you present to support the stance you
have taken, and corporate examples as well. Remember that the stance you have
written in the Introduction and the stance you take in the body paragraphs must
be the same. You must also include in-text references of all scholarly work
(i.e., journals, academic textbooks, e-books etc) and of non-scholarly work
(i.e., company websites, newspaper articles, company videos etc) used.
Non-scholarly work has to be cited when real-world corporate examples are used
to support your arguments.
3. Conclusion:
Provide a brief summary of your essay
4. References:
List all scholarly and non-scholarly work you have used in the essay in the
reference list. The reference list is not included in the word count.
References should be in alphabetical order and in Harvard style.

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