argumentative research paper draft

Completion of an effective and convincing argumentative, academic research paper taking an opposing thesis from the one used in RP1.
Four full pages, not including title page, abstract, and reference page.
Correct APA format for layout, title page, headings, page numbering, in-text citations. You will receive up to 20 points off for obvious errors in these.
Use of at least four scholarly database sources, and no more than one high-quality web source. Review the Basic Sources and Advanced Sources Presentations along with the numerous materials on the Research Paper and Reference Guides Module at the top of the Modules page if you’re not sure of what types of sources to use.
Effective incorporation of source material.
Use of Academic Writing throughout.
Thesis statement: Due to treatment of HIV/AIDS having more side effects than benefits there are serious objections to todays treatments.
Why write about a different viewpoint, even if it may be one you don’t agree with completely? For one, it will deepen your understanding of the topic, and call for a higher level of thought and skill than in RP1. You will be forced to challenge your own views, and discover another you may not have believed the first time around. What to do:

Generate your own argumentative thesis on your approved topic. Note that “thesis” is different from “thesis statement,” although you will need one of those too. A “thesis” simply means the main idea of your paper.

This argument must be clearly stated in a working thesis statement. All body paragraphs must be focused and organized, clearly relating back to your thesis.

Research sources appropriate to your topic, and effectively use those sources as evidence to support and prove your thesis.
Cite all sources in the text of the paper and on a References page using correct APA Format.
Format your paper according to correct APA formatting guidelines. These can be found through the FGCU Library cite, at Purdue’s OWL, or in a reference guide such as the Little Seagull Handbook.

Your first draft research paper must be four full pages minimum. “Minimum” means no less than four full pages. The length requirement does not include title page, abstract, and reference pages.

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