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Discussion Assignment: The Parthenon
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Please post your discussion by the due date. After the due date you will have 2 days to respond to others. If your initial post is not by the due date, you will receive a 0 for the assignment. Please note that you must post before seeing the work of other students. If you write an initial post in order to see other responses, then delete it and repost, you will receive a 0 grade.
1. Download and read “Netiquette and How to write a great Discussion Post”
Discussion posts should be 2 paragraphs and should thoughtfully engage with the topic, post a question to 2 other students, and cite examples.
2. View the PBS Nova Film “Secrets of the Parthenon (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.” (if link does not work google “PBS Nova Secrets of the Parthenon”)
3.Answer the Following questions:
a. In the film there is a question about which of the 46 columns is missing a capital. Why is it so difficult for the restorers to figure out where to place this capital?
b. Why did the computer program devised by the restorers not help them in restoring the building?
c. How did the original builders construct the temple of Athena with such precision in only 8 years? What is, in other words, the “secret” of the Parthenon?
Once you have posted your answers, discuss them with your fellow students, compare notes and see where you all agree.

Checkpoints for a good grade:
Your post is 2 paragraphs (each paragraph must be a minimum of 5 sentences.)
Your post directly references the assigned reading only (no googling the topic and copying what you find)
You respond to 2 other students with substantial feedback and a question.
You write clearly with appropriate tone and grammar.
This is a graded discussion: 100 points possible

Since this is a group discussion, each group has its own conversation for this topic. Here are the ones you have access to:

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