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Topic: Art and Love Order Description Write a 2 page double-spaced analysis on a primary source that connects with the theme of Art and Love. Steps: Find a piece of art that you think would make a good primary source and that relates to the topic of art and love. Remember the four qualities that make a good primary source. Analyze your primary source using “The Method” worksheet handed out in class. Write your primary source analysis as a 1-2 page paper. If you’d like, you can follow this structure: Paragraph one: Introduce the primary source. Give the primary source context by specifying artist, genre, background, etc. Paragraph two: Describe patterns and repetition and what they might signify. Paragraph three: Describe binaries (opposites) and what they might signify. Paragraph four: Describe anomalies and what they might signify. Conclusion: Write the possible implications or meanings behind your analysis. You might want to propose a thesis statement. An example of a rhetorical thesis statement is shown below. How to start a rhetorical thesis statement… Fill in the blanks or rephrase this sentence to ensure that you are analyzing your source rhetorically. In the piece/painting/performance/video/etc. __________________, (primary source) the artist attempts to convey____________________________________________

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