Art History Paper, For B_Brian

Paper Description:
Select an example of design from the period 1945-1965 from ONE of the following nations: Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Japan, Italy, France, or the Soviet Union. Describe the example, and discuss it in terms of nationalism and internationalism: how is it ‘national� How is it ‘international� Use comparison to relate your example to these two categories (national and international). In your conclusion, discuss the relationship between these two categories – why we do maintain these distinctions? Are they valid?

Source Requiement:
The Grove Art Online is an excellent resource available at your fingertips through the Hagerty Library Website (link from ‘Databasesâ€);

Woodham, Jonathan, A Dictionary of Modern Design, (Oxford 2004);
Trench, Lucy, ed., Materials & Techniques in the Decorative Arts : an Illustrated Dictionary, (Chicago, 2000);
Honour, Hugh and Fleming, John, The Penguin Dictionary of Decorative Arts, (London and New York, 1989) (new edition).

( Please make use of these resources rather than picking and choosing among hits on Google Searches as these do not always provide accurate information.)

Paper Format

double space
at least 800 words-1200words
at least 3 sources

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