Article critique essay with Data Commentary in linguistic

 Description writer Article critique in essay format 850 to 1100 words. and please use the simple word but in academic away . 1-intro including the name of the article, author name.-provide author main point about the study and the research questions -thesis statement preview your critique.should start the clear sentence, for example, this paper first paragraph What did the study do? (tallk about the data, the method(s) used, the results, the analysis, and the discussion) . second paragraph How do the authors comment on the data? look to Unit four in Swales and Feak, “Data Commentary,” will aid you in focusing on the specific language the authors might have used in strengthening (or softening) their claims. Remember to consider the specific way(s) the article dealt with data commentary. third paragraph What special strengths do you find in the study? fourth paragraph Do you find any weaknesses in the study? also, where and why you believe the writing was difficult to follow; where you found the argumentation not convincing, and so on.) Conclusion Summarize the main point in your eassy article. Make recommendation to improve the article Reference

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