Pick a Topic related to Parenting (for example, Attachment, Juvenile Delinquency, Identity, or Divorce) and summarize a longitudinal, cross-sectional, or sequential research study article from a peer-reviewed Psychology Journal. Papers must be 700 to 900 words, Times New Roman, 11-point font, with information properly referenced, paraphrased, and/or in quotations. Reference the Journal article using APA style, use 1-inch margins and double-spacing. You will need a cover page, a running head, page numbers, a reference page, etc. No papers sent by e-mail will be accepted. Late papers will have one letter grade deducted for every week late. Please contact me with proper documentation to be considered for any leniency regarding these policies. It is highly recommended that you follow the word count (points will be deducted for word counts substantially under or over), interpret and report the findings in your own words as much as possible, and if necessary visit the University Learning Center for writing assistance. In addition, it is very important that this is an original paper for this class; papers written for previous classes will not be accepted. Turnitin.com will designate which papers have been submitted before and rate them with a high unoriginality index.

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