Assignment clarifying your vision Part- 1 Vision IN HEALTHCARE ADMINISTRATIONA vision is a

Assignment clarifying your vision


A vision is a guiding image of success. It is a description in words that conjures up a picture of the destination of your work. There is one universal rule of planning: You will never be greater than the vision that guides you. The vision statement should require you to stretch your expectations, aspirations, and performance.

Create your own vision statement. Note: The vision    statement should be a sentence or two but no more than a short paragraph. Write the vision statement in a separate MS-Word file.

Part II: College Education

After completing your career-driven vision statement, write at least TWO paragraphs on how your degree from a University will help you to achieve your vision. What skills do you think you can learn at the university to help you achieve success in the career that you described in your vision statement?

Part III: Reflection

In the final part of the assignment, answer the following question in at least TWO paragraphs:

Did you have a career-driven vision statement in the past? How did it, or the lack of, impact your career satisfaction in the past?

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