Australian foreign policy

1. Select a contemporary topic related to Australian foreign policy, and write an essay that argues that a particular country or organisation or public person or commitee should adopt a particular position giving the arguments supporting your position. 2. Write the paper taking the persona of representing an organisation 3. Write the paper as if it is to be submitted to a real person or an organisation, but its not to take form of a letter. The tittle of essay should set out to whom the paper the paper is to be submitted and clearly indicate the subject matter being addressed. Incorporate the name of the organisation you decided to represent into your title or subtitle. 4. The title is followed by an executive Summary of around 300 words. In it you set out the arguement being put in the policy paper in enough detail so if a busy executice or commitee chair was reading it he/she would be able to understand your entire argument without having to read the actual policy paper. Note: executive summary does not need formal references, but the rest of the essay need should be heavy with formal references research need to ground on scholarly secondary sources, books and scholarly journals. News and internet sources may be use but they are not a substitute for secondary sources. policy maybe submitted to PM. Foreign minister, trade minister or the defence minister.

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