This is a paper that focuses on the autonomy exercise and initiative in a professional setting ability. The paper also provides further learning outcomes to focus in writing the assignment.

Autonomy exercise and initiative in a professional setting ability

Coursework Covers: LEARNING OUTCOME 1: Ability to exercise autonomy and initiative in a professional setting offer insights, interpretations and solutions to problems and/or issues and in doing so critically identify, define and analyse own and others roles and responsibilities

LEARNING OUTCOME 3: Demonstrate an awareness of the experiential learning process, an ability to critically reflect and analyse personal skills and identify ways to address gaps through personal development planning

PART 1 (of 2):
Select a real business/organisation (of any size) that is either at the forefront within your chosen industry. Or has potential to move towards the forefront of your industry, and prepare a report that details the following:
Descriptive overview of the business/organisation, including (but not necessarily limited to):
size, market reach, manner of operation
whether considered at the forefront or has potential to move towards the forefront of industry
regular activities

Autonomy exercise and initiative in a professional setting ability

Critically evidenced details of 2-3 real or hypothesised challenges for the business/organisation in maintaining or gaining forefront status that relates to creativity and innovation

For each of these real or hypothesised challenges, produce a critically evaluated plan that demonstrates your ability to think creatively and with innovation that would lead to your chosen business/organisation maintaining or gaining industry forefront status.
Consider details such as:
Any current and potential internal and/or external relationships, roles and collaborative working
Where innovation and creativity are situated in the current industry climate. (i.e. what is the current bar set and what are the opportunities to advance this)
What obstacles may impact your plan and how you would overcome these with both process. (e.g. training and development) and people (e.g. interpersonal) focused skills
How successful implementation of your plan for each challenge will add value to the business/organisation
An evidence-based conclusion on the importance of creativity and innovation in aiding businesses/organisations to maintain or move towards the status of being at the forefront of your industry

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