Barriers and challenges affecting successful partnerships

 Description Scenario: Mrs. Bruce is a 22 year old parent of a 2.5 year old who is enrolled in your co-op nursery school program. Parents are required to work in the nursery school program as part of their fee. At the end of program when all of the children have gone home, parents are required to assist in putting the gym equipment and program toys away. You have noticed that Mrs. Bruce keeps to herself during program and during tidy up time her daughter Sarah continues to bring toys out instead of putting them away. This happens each time Mrs. Bruce volunteers at the nursery school. Mrs. Bruce sees what Sarah is doing, but does not address the behaviour. She allows her to continue taking toys out even though staff are trying to close the nursery school down for the day. This behaviour usually results in staff having to remain on site for 20-30 minutes longer due to additional clean-up time. You would like to speak to Mrs. Bruce about your concerns and work together towards finding a solution. Before you speak to Mrs. Bruce, you need to reflect on the barriers that may be contributing to how Mrs. Bruce is responding to the scenario with Sarah. Part 1: 1. Select one of the barriers listed in the lecture that you feel reflects this scenario and discuss how this barrier can influence Mrs. Bruce’s approach towards Sarah. 2. What can you do as an educator to support this barrier and encourage parent involvement? Part 2: Identify the six steps of conflict-resolution. Under each step using components of the scenario, outline how you would handle this conflict with Mrs. Bruce. A minimum of step 2, 3 and 4 of your conflict-resolution will be written in dialogue format as if you were speaking directly to Mrs. Howes. Discussion of barrier /2.5 Approach to encouraging parent involvement /2.5 Six steps of conflict-resolution clearly identified (.5 marks per step) /3 Content from scenario identified and referenced under the appropriate step of conflict-resolution /3 field placement knowledge and related child- care experience applied /1.5 Dialogue approach towards conflict-resolution and approach towards parent’s concerns-scenario and (steps 1 through 6 are evaluated) /6 Professional approach to solving the conflict-resolution-tone-friendly; use of parent-friendly language /1.5

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