Respond to the following three questions. 1.Based on this video,, write YOUR definition of the term “satire.” How would you explain this genre to someone who’s never heard it before? Do not copy the definition from the dictionary definition but make it entirely your own. Also, name three specific institutions of government or name three characteristics or human personality traits that this “satire” is making fun of. 2. Write about what this satire,, or “parody” is really expressing about Donald Trump but does not state it. Name 4 insults that the video is making about Trump’s politics. Explain WHY the writers of SNL, this video, chose to create this video about Donald Trump in this way? Why not simply state facts about his candidacy?

3. (For this question write at least 10 sentences). Based on “A modest proposal” by Swift, describe what Swift REALLY feels about the terrible poverty in Ireland. In other words, can you detect and describe Swift’s “true” but “unstated” opinion about the topic. Then, write a definition of the word “satire” in terms of what it means to you. What does it mean to be “satirical” or write “biting satire?” why do you think this essay so famous and remains one of the best examples of political satire in the English language?

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