Benefits of being bilingual

The paper must be written in APA (2010) (6th ed.) format. It must be typewritten and follow all APA guidelines for writing a paper. The paper must cite a minimum of ten (10) and maximum of fifteen (15) primary references and be 12-15 (not including the title page and references) pages in length following the required structure for empirical research. No more than three internet only sources as references. EBSCO, PSYCHNET, PSYCHARTICLE, PROQUEST and GOOGLE SCHOLAR host searches are good source for reference. Material published within the last five years. The only inclusion of “classic” theoretical material on the topic (i.e., Freud, Erikson, Jung etc.) no internet only journals are acceptable. Paper requirements: topic, list of references, rough draft of your paper, and abstract and final draft as outlines in the schedule at the end of this document. Avoid quoting unless it is part of a statement you are making. Professional journals will be given greater weight than popular journals, nonprofessional books or internet resources. Categorized in this manner: Abstract, Introduction, Method, Results and Discussions all should be separated by sections. The introduction section of the paper must include, at the minimum 5 of the 10-15 empirical resources referenced. The method and result section can reflect one of more statistical methods of measurement that clearly align with what your study is presenting.

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