Bio 140 Spring 2018 Human Biology Article Summaries and Presentations

At the end of the semester, you will have an opportunity to present an article to the class on any topic of human biology that interests you.  While the to  pick is of your choosing, the article must be at least 2000 words in length, published since 2016 and cite scientific evidence.  The article could be from a science magazine (eg. The Scientist, Scientific American), newspaper (NYT, WSJ, etc.), or journal article  (JAMA, Journal of Neuroscience, Science, Nature), but it MAY NOT BE A WEBSITE (such as NIH, WebMD) or an ENCYCLOPEDIA ENTRY (such as Wikipedia). 

The article can be found by using online databases in the York Library, or by visiting newspaper and magazine websites.  Check out or  for ideas.  Keep in mind that the article must not only mention a topic in human biology, but must go in depth about the subject.   If you are uncertain whether the article you choose is appropriate, please ask me.

Article Summary

Once you have found your article, you will read it with the aim of writing a 2-3 page summary. The article summary should be between 2-3 pages long, double-spaced with 12 pt font and have 1 inch margins. Begin the summary by giving the full citation of the paper. Then, write a clear and concise summary of the article that is free of grammatical and typographical errors.  All of the writing must be in your own words . Do not quote sections of the paper or cite other sources. In your summary, include at least a paragraph (more if necessary) for each of the

following sections:



Discuss the basic concept or question that was addressed by the article.  This section is critical to the review because you need to layout the issue and explain the purpose of the article.  Identify the issues, the scientists and the methods use:

• Who did the work?

• How was the research done (what methodology was employed)? 


What did they find?  Briefly indicate what has been discovered about the topic. Discuss the most significant results and indicate how they address the quest ions posed in your introductory paragraph. 

Discussion and conclusion: 

How do their findings advance our understanding of human biology? What more is there to learn?  Are there any new projects on the topic planned for  the future?  

The completed summary should be uploaded to Blackboard before 11:59 PM on



Article Presentation

Class presentations of the articles will take place at the end of the semester during the last class.  You will be expected to spend about 5 minutes sharing your article’s findings with the class and be prepared to answer questions on the topic from your instructor and classmates.  IIn addition please bring me a copy of your article on the day that you present

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