Bob Jones, a 60 year old with hypertension has been prescribed prazosin for hypertension. Bob says he does “not feel all that bad” and does not want to start medication although his systolic blood pressure has been greater than 190 and diastolic greater than 110 on the last three readings.

1)      How would you respond to Bob in the most therapeutic manner?

2)      Bob and his wife both ask about the side effects associated with the new medication. What should you teach them?

3)      What assessment data is critical to collect prior to collect prior to the first dose?

4)      What ongoing assessments are indicated?

5)      What are the priority collaborative problems that you must consider for patients taking prazosin?

6)      Discuss nursing interventions and rationales for patients receiving adrenergic blocking agents.

7)      What are the most common adverse reactions, drug-to-drug, drug-food/herbal interactions with prazosin?

Expert Answer

1) the drugs will decrease the health risks by controlling thw blood pressure and not leading to further complication and the symptoms of blood pressure qill be decreased and emergency due to hypertension will be decreased and the health care cost ia…
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