Brain & Behavior

 Current Event Papers This assignment ( is intended to demonstrate the relatedness of psychology to everyday life anywhere in the world. You will focus your discussion around particular chapters and relate specific concepts from that chapters to your articles. Please review the text and find chapters that are interesting to you. Familiarize yourself with that chapter and find a current event (TWO ARTICLES ABOUT A SIMILAR TOPIC) that are related in some way. THIS ARTICLES MUST COME FROM THE NEW YORK TIMES. NO OTHER PAPER CAN BE USED. You are not looking for psychological articles, but any articles of interest to you. For example, Trumps response to criticism, the separation of immigrant families, articles on the denial of climate change, trade wars, the opioid crisis, Hong Kong demonstrations, LGBT laws across the country. There are no limitations, THEY MUST BE ARTICLES WITHIN THE LAST YEAR. Once you have selected your articles(TWO ARTICLES FOR EACH PAPER ABOUT THE SAME TOPIC) and the corresponding chapter(s) you must do the following: Introduce the articles – briefly summarize and why you chose these articles Introduce the appropriate chapter(s) and how they are related Identify any concepts from the chapter(s) that are relevant AT LEAST 16 DIFFERENT CONCEPTS FOR EACH PAPER(concepts used in the first paper cannot be used in the second paper). PSYCHOLOGY AND BEHAVIOR CANNOT BE USED AS TERMS. Identify which sentence in the articles relates to the concept from the chapters and explain how it is related How would the knowledge of psychology possibly change the behavior/reaction of people discussed in the articles Provide your opinion of the current event and how its impacts you directly or indirectly, i.e., share your thoughts, feelings and response Conclusion – any final comments you would like to make relative to this event The paper should include the following sections:  Title page – be sure to include your name ON THE TITLE PAGE  Introduction  Chapter – relatedness, concepts and their relatedness  Psychological influence  Opinion  Conclusion  Attach the articles BE SURE ALL CONCEPTS USED ARE ITALICIZED OR BOLDED. Format of the paper: The paper must be typed and double spaced. Margins should be standard, i.e., 1 1/2″ left and 1″ right. They should include a title page, headings for each section and all pages should be numbered. Papers will not be accepted if they are late.

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