Bubbles from history, compare and contrast them

1) choose 2 bubbles from history, compare and contrast them 2) Remember this is a course in technical strategy so please emphasize that (history, psychology, charts etc…). But as we have discussed, all forms of analysis have value. Everything works, is just depends what you are good at. If you want to bring some macro economics, fundamentals, quant into your paper, please feel free. But it is not required. 3) As a starting point, please have a look at slide 25 of the intro.ppt., the slide that discusses bull markets vs mania’s/bubbles. When you look at your chosen event, or event(s) and start digging in, were the signs there as the slide suggests? 4) As for “Reminiscences of a stock operator”, the book has been out for literally, almost 100 years (it has stood the test of time…). Feel free to look at what others have said about it but make sure you decide for yourself what has value when you read it (and please quote and footnote accordingly during your paper). Were people making the same mistakes the book talked about? 5) As for your readings on History, see if any themes ring true. For example, “This Time is Different” made the point about the dangers of excessive debt, especially excessive government debt. Was that the case in the period you are looking at, did debt play a part? Maybe it did, maybe it did not. You get to decide. Your opinion matters to me. 6) You have time, so chip away at this a little at a time. Remember, markets are not about right or wrong, they are about probabilities and percentages. I would like to see that you understand what happened and what your view is on what happened as well. 7) Please play around on one of the websites I suggested. tradingview.com is my recommendation. You will need it to draw up charts.

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