Building a Forest and Domain Infrastructure Solution


Imagine that you have been hired to be a senior IT consultant for CAP, Incorporated, a medium-sized, global IT company with 3,000 staff. This company has grown very rapidly and is experiencing challenging IT issues while trying to keep up with the latest technology trends (such as cloud, virtualization, and security). The team handing the IT-related duties reports directly to you. Your job is to solve the company’s IT challenges and improve day-to-day business by implementing IT solutions to meet their application requirements and users’ demands. The company needs to expand its directory services, improve its forest structure, and use Microsoft Azure Active Directory. Instructions You are to implement a server infrastructure security strategy based on Windows Server 2012 R2 technologies. Write a proposal in which you: Design a forest and domain infrastructure to include multi-forest architecture, trusts, functional levels, domain upgrade, domain migration, forest restructure, Microsoft Azure Active Directory, and DirSync. Use Visio to diagram your forest and domain infrastructure. Implement a forest and domain infrastructure for: Domain rename. Kerberos realm trusts. Domain upgrade. Domain migration. Forest restructure. Define a deployment plan to test a forest, including synchronization with production forests. Design a group policy strategy that incorporates the following: Inheritance blocking, enforced policies, loopback processing, security, and WMI filtering. Site-linked Group Policy Objects (GPOs), slow-link processing, group strategies, organizational unit (OU) hierarchy, Advanced Group Policy Management (AGPM), and group policy caching. Design an Active Directory permission model to include Active Directory object security and Active Directory quotas, and customize tasks to delegate in Delegate of Control Wizard. Describe appropriate concepts and activities presented in the virtual labs that support building a forest and domain infrastructure solution.

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