Business management transformation

Business management transformation(the study of organisational behaviour)


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Assignment: AccorHotels and the Digital Transformation As a senior executive at AccorHotels, you are challenged to change the organisation to cope with the challenges brought about by digital disruption. Responding to a powerful wave of digital disruptions in the hospitality ecosystem – from the emergence of review websites, online travel agents and active forums to the rise of new competitors such as Airbnb – AccorHotels has embarked on a digital transformation aiming to put the customer back at the centre of its strategy and operations. The transformation entailed the following: Designing and implementing an innovative content marketing strategy (including online content creation or co-creation, curation and dissemination) Incorporating e-reputation as a core business objective Creating and/or adapting organisational structures from management to operations to support this new dynamic and maximize value creation. The case study explores how digital and social media impact the customer journey, as well as the integration of online content into marketing strategy (e.g. content marketing) and organisational design (e.g. team structure and incentive systems). This underlines how embracing the digital revolution entails breaking traditional silos among functions such as marketing, strategy, finance and human resources. To prepare for this Assignment: Read the case, AccorHotels and the Digital Transformation: Enriching Experiences Through Content Strategies Along the Customer Journey, by Dubois, InYoung, Niessing and Wee (2016). By Day 7 (Wednesday) Write a 750-word document in which you respond to the following: As a senior executive at AccorHotels, how would you change the design of the organisation to cope with the challenges brought about by digital disruption? Consider the different stages of the customer experience in the hotel. What new roles/tasks would be required to manage and monitor content? How would you design the IT organisation to handle those roles/tasks? Most companies have some digital media presence. In general, what aspects of its organisational design does a company need to remodel in order to maximize value creation through digital and social media?

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