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In this project, you will complete the business plan that can be used to solicit investors or financing for the new business. The purpose of this assignment is to develop the critical thinking and entrepreneurial mindset necessary to translate the idea into a money-making business. Along with critical thinking skills, you will develop research, communication and data evaluation skills. Outcomes You Will Meet by Completing This Project: apply the basic steps involved in developing a comprehensive business plan for both starting and operating a business by creating your own business plan describe and explain the environments that businesses operate in—social, economic, political, technological, environmental and legal develop your business vocabulary and knowledge of concepts, trends, and current issues by applying them in all course work demonstrate the use of software and Internet sources by researching and planning the start-up and operation of your business demonstrate the use of a marketing assessment process to develop a marketing plan and a marketing strategy analyze and explain projected financial performance, using selected financial ratios NOTE: All submitted work is to be your original work. You may not use any work from another student, the Internet or an online clearinghouse. You are expected to understand the Academic Dishonesty and Plagiarism Policy, and know that it is your responsibility to learn about instructor and general academic expectations with regard to proper citation of sources as specified in the APA Publication Manual, 6th Ed. (Students are held accountable for in-text citations and an associated reference list only). Instructions: Using the idea chosen in Project One and the sections written in Project Three, complete your business plan by completing the operating, financial, and executive summary sections of the plan. Go back to Project 3 and using the feedback from your instructor, make improvements or updates to the first elements of the Business Plan. Then, integrate the first part of the Business Plan into this project to bring together all elements of your Business Plan. Use the format in The Elements of a Business Plan: First Steps for New Entrepreneurs except you will create an introductory letter followed by the Executive Summary as the first elements in the Business Plan. Although the document that shows the format indicates that the Executive Summary is Step 7, it is important that the Executive Summary is at the beginning of the Business Plan so that a financial institution or investor can quickly read and understand your business idea. Approach the plan as we did in class. Include the information retrieved from the research in the Action Plan as well as any other material you have gathered to complete the assignment. Be sure to compile the plan in the correct order and as directed in the class directed form. Course material and research should be used to support all conclusions.

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