Read the Introduction and Chapter 1 of the textbook. You’ll notice that the author references a lot of dances in this textbook – Pick out a few for you to explicitly watch each week, to give you an audiovisual sense of what she is describing. For those that are mentioned  it is still your responsibility to take a look into her references to get a different sense outside of the written text to which she refers. YouTube is an amazing archival resource and it’s quite stunning how much of what she references that you can find available there! Since the author has also addressed the long complicated history of borrowing/stealing/plagiarizing dances, do some research on a contemporary popular cultural conversation that’s happening right now along the same controversy with the game Fortnite. Please do some research and read up on the controversy, and find at least two different articles that address the issue of whether or not dances can be copyrighted and if choreographers and/or the public figures most known with first performing these dancers should be given credit/share in the profit. A big part of the reading for this week deals with an old dance called the Cakewalk. To get some context of the different ways this dance has been integrated in American dance history and culture, please view the following videos. I’ve also included the stair dance by Bill Bojangles Robinson, which we’ll revisit in a later chapter when the author discusses his tap dance contribution to American dance and film history!

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