Cambodian Genocide

Use proper citation for these materials. The essay should be more than 100 words. Here are the requirements for the essay: 1.Demonstrate significant engagement with the readings and topics in the course. 2.Demonstrate your ability to understand the authors in relation to one another. 3.Demonstrate your ability to integrate the author’s ideas and arguments with your ideas and arguments – as well as the broader frames in which we all live and work. 4.Demonstrate your devotion to proper practices of academic citation. And here is the topic (content) for this paper: There is a clear definition of genocide in the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide. Analyze the Cambodian Genocide in relation to the convention. Is the convention adequate to capture the violence and destruction of the regime? How would you put the crimes and effects of the regime within the frame of the convention? If you find the convention to be inadequate, you may propose revisions to the text. Draw on our readings to make your argument; you may draw on both the academic analysis and memoirs by survivors.

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