can be polluted by toxic spill All of these may pollute farm runoff storm water Question 2 Which of the following is NOT considered a type of aquifer?…

Question 1

An unconfined aquifer can be polluted by

toxic spill

All of these may pollute

farm runoff

storm water

Question 2

Which of the following is NOT considered a type of aquifer?

limestone (Karst)

impermeable clay

sands and gravels

fractured igneous rock

Question 3

One of the characteristics of Karst topography are


Low mountain ranges        

Confined aquifers

Tarn lakes            

Question 4

The Floridan Aquifer is found only in Florida.



Question 5

Research is showing that water levels in the confined areas of Floridan Aquifer

cannot be accurately determined.

is increasing.

is stable.

is dropping.

Question 6

If there is high transmissivity in a Karst aquifer, it can be concluded that

there are large permeable conduits like caves present.

porosity is probably absent.

contamination has occurred.

water saturation is low.

Question 7

Which of the following springs would probably have a more variable discharge from month-to-month?

A spring from a confined aquifer.

A spring from an unconfined aquifer.

A spring that is the main source for a river.

A spring from an artesian well.

Question 8

The astounding rate of appearance of new sinkholes in Florida can be explained by __________.

all of the these

building built on top of cavities in the bedrock

several years of below-normal rainfall

limestone bedrock

the drawndown of the water table

Question 9

The Boulder Zone in the Floridan Aquifer (SE FL only)

is recharged by Lake Okeechobee

is the source of potable water in SE Florida.

receives waste through injection wells.

contains large granite boulders.

Question 10

The very top of the saturated zone of ground water is called the __________.

zone of saturation                             


water table                                          

vadose zone                 

capillary fringe 

Question 11

Florida has more first-magnitude springs than any other State.



Question 12

Collapse of a sinkhole may be triggered by ____.

Weight from construction

Salt water intrusion 

tremor worms

Drop in the water table      

Question 13

Permeability is dependent on

grain size

grain shape

all of these

grain packing

Question 14

Since 1985, most of the Floridan Aquifer usage is for

public & domestic purposes.

industrial purposes.


spring recharge.

Question 15

Capillary action is caused by adhesion and cohesion.



Question 16

Losing (influent) streams

all of these

will give water to an unconfined aquifer

will not affect the water table

will get water from an unconfined aquifer

Question 17

Good aquifers have ____________porosity, and ______________ permeability.

Question 18

Seasonal ponds (having no water part of a year) are also called

partial lakes


lily lakes

sessile pools.

Question 19

Wetlands are define by all of these EXCEPT


geographic location


Question 20

Tarn lakes are found in



flat plains.

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