Captone: Using a webinar for customer retention


Title Page Abstract Table of Contents Background (2-4 pages) Approach (1-2 pages) Literature Review (9-12 pages) Solution (2-4 pages) Discussion (6-8 pages) Recommendations (1-2 pages) Conclusion (half page to one page) References (I’ve done this) I have nearly half. I just need to apply the references to the lit review and come up with a well sourced paper. I just need a B. I will do the revisions. I’ll upload the draft, rubrics, sources etc. It’s Turabian 8th, (author date) If you put the author, year, page number in text, I can make sure the it’s kosher with the professor. Here is a link to my notes, draft, source pdfs etc. This is not necessarily a marketing paper. It just happens to be on a marketingish topic (webinars/customer retention. Feel free to add sources, but I will need to be able to download them from my college database. I’m at about 4k words I need 7400 or more, 11 pages in the lit review, and about 7 pages in the discussion for the best grade

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