Case study on LGBTQ Event or Community

Case study on LGBTQ Event or Community (Full details are below in Paper Details) Academic Level : Bachelor Paper details Description: This assignment ( is designed to increase students’ knowledge, familiarity, and exposure to LGBTQ communities. Students will spend at minimum of one-hour in an off-campus space that identities itself with some aspect of LGBTQ communities. All students in the course are encouraged to visit a space that expands their knowledge and awareness of the LGBTQ community. Students who identify as LGBTQ+ or who are very familiar and engaged with the community are invited to locate a space that they’ve never visited before, a space that will expand their knowledge and deepen their understanding, such as a space that is outside of their own specific LGBTQ identity or familiarity. Students with less experience in the community are asked to spend their hour in a space that offers opportunities to learn more about LGBTQ communities. Some potential types of spaces or events include (this are just suggestions, but not an exhaustive list, students are encouraged to identify their own event/space) – LGBTQ NYC walking tours – Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art – Events at the Brooklyn Community Pride Center, the LGBTQ Center (Manhattan) – Volunteer for LGBTQ organization (for volunteer opportunities/suggestions: Note: Events on the Brooklyn College campus or sponsored by the College LGBTQ Community Center are not eligible.

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