Case study – Tesco

Learning outcomes

This Assignment is intended to assess the following: your knowledge and understanding of key concepts and ideas covered throughout the Book your ability to select information from a case study, and develop arguments based on that selection your ability to apply module ideas to a practical situation as presented in a case study your ability to use academic and business and management language appropriately and effectively to communicate your ideas your ability to reflect on your skills development and prepare presentations. we have encouraged you to look at business in various ways, including from functional, economic, political, ethical and global viewpoints. This assignment is designed to test your understanding of the module as a whole, and for it we want you to demonstrate your ability to consider a specific business case from several different perspectives. There are three parts of this Assignment: Part A requires you to read a case study describing a company, Tesco, and its approach to international strategy. You do not have to look for any further information on the company in order to answer the questions about it. All the questions can be answered using the information provided in this Assignment; markers will not be looking for evidence of any further research. Please do not contact the company for additional information. After you have read the case study, you are required to answer three questions. The questions assess your understanding of Blocks 1 to 3, respectively. All questions carry equal weighting. Part B assesses your ability to construct a presentation. You have been introduced to techniques for developing your presentation skills in Session 2 of the Module conclusion. Finally, Part C assesses your ability to reflect on the development of your skills. You have been introduced to critical reflection, and reflection techniques in Session 2 of the module conclusion.

Part A: Case study – Tesco

Part A of this Assignment will be marked out of 60 marks. The word limit is 2400 words. Read the case study, which you can find in the assessment area and on the study planner in week 23, and answer the following questions: Using concepts and theories from Block 1, explain why Tesco places high importance on innovation. You should consider how the various business functions within Tesco integrate to facilitate innovation. (20 marks) Globalisation has created a new and dynamic relationship between the ‘global’ and the ‘local’. Based on your work during Block 2, how would you advise Tesco to balance these two competing perspectives as it continues to pursue its global expansion strategy? (20 marks) Applying concepts from Block 3, explain how Tesco seeks to nurture long-term value creation. (20 marks) Part B: Presentation Part B of the EMA will be marked out of 20 marks. Drawing on your work with the Tesco case study, create a presentation showing the main opportunities and threats that Tesco face over the next five years. Your presentation should use no more than 6 slides and 300 words. Part C: Skills reflection This part will be marked out of 20 marks. Building on your work in the first week of the module, in particular Activity 1.3: The skills audit, reflect on how well you feel you have addressed the priorities for further skills development that you identified.

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