cell ( called the _ |holes are occupied ? arrangement called ( note that this gives rise to the _ ` abcabcabc type , which is known as the.

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cell ( called the _|holes are occupied ?arrangement called( note that this gives rise to the _` abcabcabc " type , which is known as the.closest packed .a cation . what is the empirical formula of the solid ? What must be the charge of the cation ?6. A particular jouic solid results when cations occupy the lattice points of a face- centered cubic unit17 . A different ionic solid exists such that the anions with a – 2 charge occupy the lattice points in a15 . Solids crystallize in many different ways with many different unit cells resulting , and a way of describingalso looked at two possible ways of obtaining an " ababab " pattern _ one gives rise to a cubic unitsolids is to look at the position of each layer of "spheres " . One pattern we examined was of thecubic – closest- packed arrangement . If the cations have a + 1 charge , what percentage of the octahedralcell . F – anions occupy all of the tetrahedial holes in the unit cell . Using IT as the generic symbol of_ cubic unit cell ) , while the other is a closest packedclosest packed arrangement of spheres-_ unit cell . We

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