Chemical neurotransmission of cannabis,

Taking into consideration the chemical neurotransmission of cannabis, its effect on brain and behavior, as well as issues pertaining to tolerance/dependency and medical usage, discuss the dangerousness of cannabis Academic Level : Professional Paper details In this essay you must demonstrate your knowledge around the effects of the medication related to the topic and demonstrate that you have a critical understanding of why, how and when they are being administered. You should also be able to support your statements with relevant and up-to-date references. Finally, you should be able to provide the reader with a clear conclusion regarding the topic that you have chosen to work on. This will inform a 2,500-word essay critically evaluating contemporary debates in psychopharmacology. The essay will be containing the following sections: 1. title; 2. abstract (150-250 words); 3. main report, involving a critical review of related studies (approx. 2.000 words); 4. theoretical synthesis and topics for future study (300-500 words); 5. reference list in APA style.

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