Description You will work on a Research Project for a Company that wants to address a business problem or a business opportunity. The requirements for Research Project are as follow: 1. Research proposal: Imagine that you work for a company and your manager has asked your research team to develop an in-depth study (scientific academic research-oriented) about a specific business problem or opportunity the company is now facing. Your manager requires your team is to develop a research proposal. The proposal will provide details as to what specific question the research project will answer, how valuable will that knowledge be to find a solution to the problem or to take advantage of the opportunity, what variables and its relationship will the researchers explore, and how the researchers will analyze the variables to answer the research question. You are not required to run surveys to collect data. Instead, you and your team will collect secondary data to support your research project. 2. Research report: Based on your literature review and data analysis, you will create a final report (Follow APA Guidelines). A final report must be at least ten pages long, not including; Title page, Index page, Abstract page, References page. The final report may be longer regarding the number of pages dedicated to charts and tables and other needs to meet the purpose of your research project (Follow APA Guidelines). The final Report must contain the following sections: a. Title Page: Describes the Title of your Research Project, Team members’ names, University, and year. b. Abstract: Summarizes the Research Project. c. Introduction: The introduction states the topic and the main questions to be explored. d. Literature Review: Describes the existing literature, (scientific research papers, non-academic papers), summarize, and develop arguments to support the research question, hypothesis, data analysis, and the results (follow APA Guidelines). e. Methods: in this section, your team will describe the methodology used to collect, treat, and analyze data (follow APA Guidelines). For data analysis, you will have to find and to collect real data and to use R to conduct statistical analysis; descriptive statistics, hypothesis testing, correlations, confidence intervals, create data visualizations and interpret the statistical outputs. f. Results: in this section, your team will show and discuss statistical outputs and analysis, including tables and graphs. g. Discussion: in this section, you will discuss the application of your findings to the company’s problem or business opportunity, the limitations of your research, and suggestions to the company. h. References: your team will list all the sources used to write your Research Report (Follow APA Guidelines

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