Child abusers should be sentenced to death or life in prison

nstructions One of many issues in this unit is child abuse. You will likely have opinions about this, as do most Americans. Submit a three-page reflection paper that answers the following questions: When writing this paper – Please use the vehemently strong mindset that Child abusers should be sentenced to death or life in prison – as long as all the other inmates know what this person has done. Hurting an innocent child that cannot defend themselves is one of the most horrible acts a person can do. Should we punish or treat child molesters? Because some would argue that you can never cure a pedophile, does this mean that we should lock the offender up forever? Should convicted child abusers be required to inform all social partners of their crimes? What if the criminal is dating someone who has small children and she asks him to watch her children while she goes to work for the day? If this convicted child abuser did abuse the child, what would the impact be on the child and the mother? How could reporting the crime to the police affect the child and the mother? What kind of lasting effects do you think this victimization would have on the child?

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