Christian worldview & personalized medicine

 There is not a question. However, you may respond to this post by taking a viewpoint on what the poster stated and expounding on this by adding value and or a different perspective. Personalized medicine involves the use of an individual’s genetic and epigenetic information to tailor drug therapy or preventive care. For patients, personalized medicine can go through genetic testing, which can be quicker and cheaper. It can also give researchers time to collect huge amounts of data for patients. For providers personailzed medicine allows them to be able to observe patterns for treatments and can identify genetic variations as a success or failure. In a Christian worldview, personalized medicine I believe can help people as use to heal patients. People sometimes see illness as a form of punishment. However, in the Bible, it says that Jesus Christ is the ultimate healer and can perform works that are extraordinary. Cornetta, K., & Brown, C. G. (2013, March). Perspective: Balancing Personalized Medicine and Personalized Care. Retrieved from Personalized medicine – Latest research and news. (2019, January 24). Retrieved from What Are Precision Medicine and Personalized Medicine? (2018, December 17). Retrieved from

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