Cognitive Assessment and Special Education Eligibility Based on the IDEA-2004 LAW and Administrative Code of Special Education in NEW JERSEY

 1. The Verbal Comprehension Index best represents acquired knowledge, verbal reasoning, and verbal concept formation. Based upon the Cattell-Horn-Carroll Theory what board CHC ability is primarily measured on the Similarities and Vocabulary subtest of the WISC-V? How does this ability directly related to performance within the classroom? If a child appears to possess a low VCI score, how might this impact them within the class setting? What recommendations would you suggest for a child who has a VCI score of 79? 2. Jane, age 8 is referred to the Child Study Team for evaluations as a result of poor academic progress. She is new to the school district, as well as the country. Jane and her family recently moved to the United States from the Venezuela approximately two months ago. A review of her school records and a discussion with her parents indicate inconsistent schooling. Her current teacher reports that Jane’s ability to identify letter sounds, numbers, colors, and shapes fluctuates. Jane struggles to work independently and requires frequent reminders and 1:1 support from her teacher. She has also presented with difficulty transitioning to the classroom. She cries when her mother drops her off at school and frequently asks if it is time to leave. Additionally, it was disclosed that Jane does not speak English and may have a hearing loss. Below are questions presented by a Team member who has come to you for guidance. Please answer the following questions AND BE SURE TO PROVIDE A RATIONAL FOR YOUR ANSWERS. 1.” If I do accept the case what cognitive assessment should I use? Can I use the WISC-V? 2. I do not speak Spanish? What should I do? “3. Should I be concerned with the hearing loss? If so, why? 4. Do you think this case should be accepted for special education assessment? If yes, why? If not, why not?

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