coles . . . *No will 47% 8 6:59 pm Week 7 Aquatic Coll… E MONASH CANCO University ?

could you please tell me how to do this question and get the correct answer 6394?

coles. . .*No will 47% 8 6:59 pmWeek 7 Aquatic Coll…EMONASHCANCOUniversity?QIf the population of organisms at time 0 is100, how many are present after 28.2hours if the half-life for growth is 4.7hours. Give your answer to the nearestwhole number. (Hint: as it is first orderGROWTH, change the "-‘ to a ‘+’ in the firstorder rate equation.)Answer:XRecall that rate constant = In(2)/half life =0.693/half life. Then use formula on theExponential Growth Phase page(Microorganisms lectureThe correct answer is: 6394S2

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