Commencement Presentation

 Imagine, you have just completed your CSU-Global coursework and are planning to attend commencement in Denver. You skillfully used time-management to overcome the obstacles and challenges presented by other responsibilities to successfully complete your program. As a result of your hard work, you have been asked to prepare a presentation and speech to present at the commencement ceremony. Your presentation and speech should describe your journey and what you learned about yourself as a leader. Include an experience from your first course, and share your future plans. Consider the individuals who helped you achieve this goal. Who do you want to be? This project is your story: Consider some of the module topics in this course as branches for your mindmap. Module 1 Your use of time management personally and professionally Module 2 Your traits of leadership Module 3 Your power to influence Module 4 Your leadership style Module 5 Your use ethical communication to influence 2. Prepare your written speech addressing all the branches and points identified in your mindmap. Your speech will be prepared in APA format with citations and references, as required. Consider what you would like to say to your colleagues, CSU-Global faculty, friends, and family as you look back on your journey. Describe who you want to be as you look forward on your journey. Guidelines for the Written Speech: 750 – 1500 words required (not including Title or References pages). In double-spaced APA format. This will coincide with your Video recording allowing you 6-10 minutes for the Commencement speech. Minimum of 5 academic references (from the Library). Adhere to the CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA. (Links to an external site.)

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