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In your first assignment, you wrote from personal experience in an attempt to show more than the “single story” usually told about your community. For the Researched Essay, you’ll need to branch outside of your own experience to hear more stories about a community of your choosing. There are a few components to this essay, so please make sure to familiarize yourself with the expectations of all components (links to individual assignments are found below). Researched Essay: (I choose to talk about discrimination, so my community is those who have been discriminated in any form, my authors note is in the PDF I attached) The goal of this research project is twofold: first, to identify an issue within a community through interviews with 3 community members; second, to use further research to support a proposed solution to this problem. This should be a persuasive (or argumentative) essay, intended to persuade someone to enact the change you propose. You will choose the appropriate audience and rhetorical moves for your message. Depending on the issue you focus on, your proposal might be any number of things: a detailed business analysis or a rallying cry to get other students on your side are only two possible solutions to issues on campus. The interviews you conduct will function as the voices of the problem you identify, but they may also help you find a solution. Use these interviews throughout your piece, not just as an afterthought. You need to interview and quote a total of 3 people for this essay. You are also tasked with using 5 other relevant sources in your piece. These sources should have weight to them (no WikiHow or Yahoo Answers references)

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