Community Health and Population-Focused Nursing C228: Task 1

Community Health and Population-Focused Nursing C228: Task 1 In the United States, most people look for healthcare services by visiting their primary care doctor or specialists. However, this may change in future as health institutions increasingly adopt the concept if population focused nursing in place of preventing and treating health care problems on an individual level. Population-focused nursing refers to the evaluation of health care needs of a particular population and making health care decisions for this entire population instead of making decisions for individuals (Stanhope & Lancaster, 2014). The populations in question comprise of individuals who have some common environmental or personal traits. An example of population-focused nursing is when healthcare professionals using treatment guidelines for populations. In order to come up with the guidelines, a community assessment needs to be conducted so as to identify the health issues that the community faces.

FOR ESSAYS WRITTEN FROM SCRACH, VISIT – Community assessment is a systematic process where the individuals involved want to become acquainted with the community (DuFour & Dufour, 2013). The purpose of the process is for one to become familiar with a community and the population by investigating factors that affect the health of the population. Health care practitioners including nurses are one group of professionals who conduct community assessments. This investigation allows them to identify capacities and strengths as well as risks and gaps. Health care professionals get insight and useful information that is needed to guide work with the population by carrying out community assessments. Such an assessment will allow us, students, to establish professional interventions in a collaborative way and in so doing contribute to community empowerment and change which is acceptable and appropriate for the concerned popula……………..

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