Give an example of an injustice that concerns you. Describe the potential role of community psychology for addressing the injustice. Discuss the importance of commitment and accountability in addressing injustice at personal, relational, and collective levels.
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Obviously this task is very subjective – it just means that you need to present something from your own views. I suggest using this outline and these ideas as this can get you started on the problem:

  1. The injustice and why you consider it as so – 100 words
  2. Role of Community Psychology – 100 words
  3. Commitment and Accountability – 100 words

You can use the listed resources to further explore the topic.

Community Psychology and Online Harassment

For me, having access to the internet and a digital world, that is diverse and full of possibilities to expand the mind and to enhance social and creative skills, is such a privilege, one that we can harness to improve our lives. Distance learning, through online systems, has provided qualifications and education to those who were once limited by their ability to go to school. People gained friends and acceptance through the social network online in the likes of Facebook and Twitter. Businesses prosper through online sales and people connect with each other digitally, even though they are from different parts of the world, where boundaries and cultures divide. Yet, while all these effects are positive, it is sad that the anonymity and easy access can lead to crimes of bullying, harassment and depravity, even in small communities. The nature of social networks is so that communication can begin among people, which in turn can ostracize and hurt others. I believe that this is an unjust use of the technology, as it brings great suffering to victims of bullying and …

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