What is community psychology (CP)? Be sure to include in your discussion the main components of community psychology as described by Nelson & Prilleltensky (2005): issues and problems; values; principles and conceptual tools; and science of CP.
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The solution below should get you started. In this particular task, you are being asked to provide an overview of what community psychology is about as a subfield. To do this, I suggest using this outline:

  1. Introduction – definition, areas of interest, 100 words
  2. Key Topics – 100 words
  3. Application – 100 words

Community Psychology

The field of psychology is massive and lists a good number of subfields that study specific concerns in relation to the science of the mind, mental functions and behavior. Community psychology focuses their study on the quality of life of people – as individuals and as groups, studying the context of the individual within the bigger social picture that is the community and situating both within the wider society. The idea is to come to understand how psychology impacts social relationships as it relates to the creation/construction of social relations. In this manner, social issues can be better understood for the purpose of finding perspectives and solutions …

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