Comparative analysis of Australian Aboriginal culture

Assessment Aim: The aim of this assessment is to research and write a comparative analysis of Australian Aboriginal culture and your own culture of origin. Research: ThisassessmentrequiresyoutowriteacomparativeanalysisofAustralianAboriginalcultureandyour owncultureof origin. If you are of Aboriginal culture you can choose to do a comparative analysis of your own culture (Aboriginal) with another culture of your choice. As a basis for your comparison, you should familiarise yourself with Trompennar’s cultural value dimensions (see and the Hofstede Centre which produces comparisons of national cultures across five criteria: This reading will provide you with a framework to research and analyse Aboriginal culture and your own culture as your point of comparison. A specific area within vUWS is available you with some links to relevant resources. Writing Your Comparative Analysis: Each student will be required to write a comparative analysis of their own culture and of the Aboriginal culture. Your comparative analysis should demonstrate an ability to compare and contrast Aboriginal culture with your cultural group using only one framework referred to above (i.e., Trompennar or Hofstede). To achieve this, you should select one dimension of culture (e.g., power relations, gender relations, individual vs collectivist orientation etc.) to explore in detail. Based on your learning from your comparative analysis about your own culture and Aboriginal culture, you are required to write an in-depth discussion of key cultural similarities and differences of particular relevance to global business context. You should use at least three credible online references, in addition to your customised text, to support your analysis and discussion

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