1. Select a famous couple living or deceased. When you choose your famous couple, be sure to select one about which lots of information is available that you can use to conduct your research. Gather credible resources, create a bibliography for those resources. You should have six to seven sources. Use those resources to familiarize yourself with “their story.” 2. Select a familiar couple. This couple could be from your family or group of friends or acquaintances. The couple should be familiar to you through knowing them and having spent time with them. Familiarize yourself with “their story.” 3.For this task, use your research on the two couples’ stories, plus the four articles found in this lesson (will attach), research data from Statistics Canada, as well as other factual data. Complete a comparative analysis of the two couples against current Canadian norms, trends, demographics, and the role of Canadian institutions as they relate to Canadian marriages and individuals in intimate relationships. 

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