Compare and Contrast Essay – Mirror Mirror Vs. Snow White and the Huntsman

 Description For this essay, you are going to compare two seemingly dissimilar things or contrast two seemingly similar things. Think of topics you find interesting, perplexing, disgusting, charming, or informing. Then choose two subjects whose comparisons and/or contrast gives the reader some insight into who or what they are. Make sure the items have a solid basis for comparison. Comparable items are types of the same thing (e.g. two rivers, two characters, two films, two mental illnesses, two banking regulations, two search engines, two theories). Next, choose an organization. Subject by subject works better for short, simple comparisons. Trait by trait works better for longer, more complex comparisons, in that you hold up the topics side by side, trait by trait. Consider the order in which you will discuss the topics and arrange the traits. What do you want to feature to build and deepen the comparison? Subject by subject: discuss the first subject, analyze the second subject, discussing the traits parallel to those you addressed with the first subject. Trait by trait: compare and/or contrast the two subjects trait by trait; include transitions to help readers look back and forth between the two subjects. This essay should be 3-5 pages. You should give descriptive details that fully explain the traits being compared or contrasted. This is a formal essay, so it should have an introduction, body, and conclusion. If you refer to any research, you should cite it correctly using MLA format. Refer to Purdue Owl for formatting guidelines. Use correct grammar.

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