Compare and Contrast Rhetorical Analysis Essay

 English Composition IICompare and Contrast Rhetorical AnalysisEssayRationaleThe purpose of a rhetorical analysis is to analyze another writer’s argument. For this assignment (, you use yourrhetorical analysisskillsto compare the argumentative strategies of twoauthors.Of course, your essay should address whatthe writers havewritten, but the emphasis of your rhetorical analysis essay should be a close examination of howthe writers havepresented theirarguments.While you may certainly agree or disagree with elements of the authors’ arguments, your primary purpose is to analyze and compare the strategies these two writers haveused to be persuasive. Demonstrate that you have uncovered interesting, important things about the way the authors’ argumentshavebeen presented and how they are contributing to a larger discussion about issues related to higher education.The TopicChoose two essays from readings 1-8in the module “Reading and Understanding Arguments.”You may find it convenient to analyze the same two readings you used for the Academic Precis assignment (, though that is not a requirement.What Should Be Analyzed?We have already discussed how understanding an arguments rhetorical situation helps us analyze the ways in which an author or authors use specific strategies to persuade their intended audience. Your job in the Compare and Contrast essay is to identify elements of the rhetorical situation of each essay that you believe are similar, different, or a little bit of both. Remember our discussions about compare/contrast in class. Don’t just list the things that seem alike or different—explain to the reader of your essay how these comparisons or contrasts are meaningful to the larger conversation inwhich these two essays are engaged. Listed below are the sortsof things your compare and contrast rhetorical analysis should consider. Each of these elements are intended to help you to articulate in your essay the ways in which the authors usethese strategies toward an intended purpose (to persuade the audience that a particular idea is true or that something must be done). This list is neither a checklist nor an outline, and not every question will apply.oArgument:What is their main claim? What are they arguing for or about?oPurpose(Telos):What are the writers trying to accomplish in their essays?How do the strategies in the argument support that purpose?oAudience:To whomdothe writers try to appeal? How dothe writerstry toconnect with that audience?oSetting/Context(Kairos):What larger social/political/historical issues are they responding to?oOrganization:How havethe writersstructured and presented the argument?How dotheessaysorganization work toward the authors’intended purposes?oNods to the Opposition:How dothe writersanticipate and address argumentsthat might bemade against theirpositions?Do these nods (or lack of) strengthen or weaken the arguments?

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