Students shall be able to compare systematically the ideas, values, images, cultural artifacts, economic structures, technological developments, and/or attitudes of people from more than one culture outside the U.S. There are four global topics that we address in ChAD106 over the semester: Child Health; Child Labor; Education; and Children in Armed Conflict. For the research paper, students will select one of these topics (or a specific subtopic relating to one of these global issues such as gender disparity in education or access to healthcare, etc.) and discuss the relevant situation in two different nations. Nepal and the United States cannot be one of your choices. The focus of your research paper is to compare and come to understand more about these two nations through this contemporary issue about childhood. In your research paper, address the following: • Provide background information on the topic in each nation you select (e.g., an accurate description of the current situation regarding the topic with relevant statistics, applicable historical and cultural background information to help explain the ideas, values, and attitudes of each nation) • Discuss progress being made in each country (e.g., the current laws, programs, policies, and interventions being implemented by that nation in regard to the topic, etc.) • Describe remaining challenges in each country (e.g., the problems that stand in the way of further progress) In your conclusion, discuss what you think your findings suggest about the view of each nation regarding the meaning of childhood. Students should research their topics through the use of both the criticism of other scholars (i.e., professional peer-reviewed journals and books) and information from other credible sources (i.e., humanitarian organizations and government documents). Special attention to relevant examples of human expression from each of the two nations that helps to explain their attitudes to this contemporary topic about childhood should be considered as well. You must meaningfully include and cite at least six scholarly references in your research paper that were not part of the material used in the course (e.g., assigned readings, lecture note references, websites). Current scholarly sources mean peer-reviewed journal articles published in the past 10 years. It is expected that the individual research paper would be approximately 10-12 pages of text (type-written, and double-spaced). Title page, references, and appendices would be additional. It is NOT necessary to include an abstract. Students are also expected to reference their material using the American Psychological Association (APA) format. Links a APA resources are listed in the course’s Canvas modules. All information from your research sources must be properly cited. Avoid even unintentional plagiarism and cheating! Please put content in your own words. Minimize the use of direct quotes from your sources. If you must use one or two quotes in your paper they should be brief and properly cited as quotes with quotation marks. Using someone else’s ideas without giving them credit is also considered plagiarism (even if you put it in your own words). Reusing your own work for a new assignment is cheating (unless you have permission from the instructor in advance). You will not receive ANY credit for the assignment and may be failed in the course if you plagiarize or cheat. Check your syllabus or course catalog for the definitions of academic integrity at SJSU. Completed papers will need to be submitted to the Assignment area of the course shell on the due date listed in the syllabus. Please see the Research Paper Rubric for additional information regarding grading of this assignment.

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