Comparing Global Constitutions

The United States criminal justice system prides itself on punishing offenders and protecting society from said offenders. However, our Constitution provides that citizens have a “due process” right to be treated equally under the law if they are deprived of liberty or property. The Constitution plays a vital role within the U. S. criminal justice system, it ensures that law enforcement system follows proper protocol and treats all persons equally when arrested. Expansions of certain amendments by Supreme Court cases (i.e. the expansion of the Fifth Amendment in Miranda v. Arizona, which created the Miranda rights) are created so that the law enforcement personnel are deterred from violating a citizen’s constitutional rights. If law enforcement personnel violate criminal procedure, they risk excluding important evidence for the prosecution to prove a defendant is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. However, not all countries have this protection for those brought into the criminal justice system and some countries actually have a more liberal process of treating offenders. Instructions For this assignment (, research the constitution and criminal procedure of another country (if available), and then compare and contrast them with the U.S. Constitution and criminal procedure. Write 500 words on this topic.

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