The many different forensic treatment settings – prisons, jails, outpatient settings, community centers, and specialized treatment centers – provide many employment opportunities. Even within these settings, there are specific and differing programs that operate. For instance, a prison might operate a drug treatment program styled as an outpatient program, a residential drug treatment facility, a sex offender program, and general outpatient services, all in the same facility. In the outpatient setting, a forensic psychologist practitioner might be called on to conduct anger management groups, domestic violence groups, substance abuse services, and follow-up services with sex offenders after release. The diversity of practice experiences within the forensic system is impressive and sometimes even overwhelming.

But not every setting is right for every therapist. Some forensic treatment professionals are comfortable entering any correctional facility, while others might be more comfortable working at one security level but not another (e.g., a low-security facility might be more preferable than a maximum-security facility). There are forensic treatment professionals who find forensic outpatient settings similar to traditional outpatient practice and, therefore, more familiar and comfortable. It is important to assess and understand your own comfort level with the various forensic treatment settings before entering them and starting along your career path. One way of doing this is to consider the various settings and compare them based on external dimensions of forensic treatment. For example, how do the available resources compare between a maximum-security prison and a juvenile detention center? Are the practice challenges similar across the various treatment settings, or do certain challenges inhibit effective practice in one setting more than others? These kinds of comparisons can help you understand the potential challenges in a desired forensic setting. Comparing forensic settings can also provide you with possible interest in settings not previously considered, and inform you as to how external factors can impact your professional goals.

Identify the two forensic settings and the two external dimensions of forensic treatment you selected.Compare (similarities and differences) the settings in terms of the external dimensions of forensic treatment settings you selected. Explain at least one conclusion you drew or insight you gained as a result of your comparison.
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  1. The treatment settings – 100 words
  2. The forensic treatments – 100 words
  3. Comparison – 100 words
  4. Insight – 100 words

You can also use the listed resources to further explore the topic. Just let me know via the feedback section if you need further clarification. All the best with your studies.

Forensic Psychology: Treatment & Settings

In the practice of forensic psychology, the settings are varied. The most common are that which is within the judicial system – a prison and a juvenile detention center. Prison psychologists per se practice forensic psychology in that their work impacts the pursuit of judicial justice. In a prison setting, psychologists evaluate offenders, put together measures and programs to support the mental health of officers and staff so as to handle the pressures of prison work, and provide assessment as well as administration and design of programs to rehabilitate offenders as well as keep them manageable in prison in terms of behavior (i.e. measures against suicidality). Juvenile justice centers are places where (Grigorenko, 2012), “young offenders who need mental health care,” are detained …

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