Complete the following statement: The term photon applies.only to x-rays.only to visible any form of wave any form of…


Complete the following statement: The term photon applies…

a. only to x-rays.

b. only to visible light.

c. to any form of wave motion. 

d. to any form of electromagnetic radiation.


Which of the following shows the wavelength of light needed to eject a photoelectron from a metal whose work function is 4.0 eV? 

a. smaller than 311 nm 

b. larger than 311 nm 

c. smaller than 456 nm 

d. larger than 456 nm


Recent scientific discoveries (made over the past 100 years) indicate that the nature of light is: 

a. only wave-like in nature. 

b. only particle-like in nature. 

c. of a dual nature. 

d. evil in nature.

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