Diverticulitis-what drugs are used with diverticulitis?

Option 2

Conduct an evidence-based drug search on the drug you selected and post an explanation of any possible issues. Are there any drug interactions? Any black box warnings? To what type of patient would you prescribe this medication?

Health and Globalization

The more that people and products move across nations as we becoming increasingly globalized, the more we increase opportunities for the spread of disease around the world. Further impacts of globalization on infectious diseases include: climate change and other environmental concerns, microbial drug resistance, urbanization, and breakdowns in public health systems.


Read the following issue brief on health and globalization:

Here is a summary of the brief:

Infectious diseases affected by globalization:

  • Increased global travel
  • Increased trade in goods
  • Food-borne illnesses
  • Urbanization
  • Climate change
  • Other environmental concerns
  • Microbial drug resistance
  • Breakdowns in public health systems

The global public health system: International public health officials believe we need improvements in:

  • Surveillance of new diseases and spread of current ones
  • Immunization
  • Research
  • Improved sanitation and living conditions
  • Price of drugs

Genetically Modified Organisms – very controversial practice

  • Highly beneficial: Increased yield and hardiness
  • Highly dangerous: Tinkering with nature

Global Diseases:

  • Tuberculosis
  • Malaria
  • Cholera

Supplemental Resources

You are not required to read or view the resources included here. However, you can find new ideas and/or questions raised to enhance your discussion posts and written assignments.

Video – Introduction to Vandana Shiva

Note: To access the video, copy and paste this Playlist URL: http://digital.films.com/play/U9SA5J

Films Media Group. (2012). Introduction to Vandana Shiva. [Video File.] Films on Demand. Retrieved from: https://fod.infobase.com/p_ViewPlaylist.aspx?AssignmentID=U9SA5J

Closed Captioning or a Transcript is available for the video.

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